Southern California Adventure 2019

Updated: Feb 23

Joshua Tree National Park was the last park on my radar that I would have ever thought about visiting. I always knew about the park and I have seen photos of the park, but for some reason, it never spoke to me. After visiting the park, I realized that Joshua Tree is one of the places that you have to see in person to understand.

Whenever I travel, I usually buy the plane ticket first and then figure out the accommodations after. I planned this vacation on a whim. I had my plane ticket, the room was already booked in Joshua Tree, thanks to Alex and Avery. I decided to fly into San Diego because I wanted to extend my Joshue Tree trip into San Diego. I had to figure out where I was going to stay in San Diego and how I was going to get to Joshua Tree from San Diego. I found nice Air BnB rental in La Jolla and I decided to rent a car from Turo. One of my favorite things to do is test drive sports cars. I found a nice Porsche Boxster convertible on Turo that was affordable and stylish. I booked the car. This trip was turning into a southern California adventure! The plan now was to fly into San Diego, immediately rent the Porsche, drive 3 hours east to Joshua Tree, explore the park for 3 days, then drive back to San Diego and explore San Diego for four days. I had everything booked and was ready to go!

The trip was everything and more. Joshua Tree was amazing. The park was massive, the views were breathtaking, and the weather was perfect. It was an easy park to hike compared to the rocky trails I am used to in the north east. The town of Joshua Tree and the desert was an experience in itself. The days were super-hot, I had to wear sunscreen. The nights were freezing cold. I experienced firsthand what I was taught in school about desert climates. It was like a light bulb went off in my head. This is one of the beautiful things about traveling and experiencing new places.

In the town of Joshua Tree, we went to a local music festival that was exploding in culture. The music was great with the chilliest of vibes. I purchased my first piece of artwork ever at the festival.

Everyone was free spirited and friendly. We also went to a famous bar/music venue in the nearby town of Pioneertown called Pappy & Harriet's. The live music line up included Neon Indian and Chaos Chaos. You need to listen to these bands if you have not. We also almost froze to death at the end of the night. It is called Pioneertown for a reason. There is no cell service which means no uber. If you don’t have a cab ride by the end up the night you can end up stranded there after hours. It was freezing cold!

As I wrapped up my time in Joshua Tree I ended it on a great note. I decided to drive through the entire park with the Porsche back to San Diego. Imagine ripping through open desert, mountain roads with no one around for miles, in a 6-speed convertible Porsche. The views were amazing and the weather was perfect. I felt like a free bird.

I finally arrived in San Diego at my Air BnB in LaJolla. The hosts were a married couple and they greeted me with alcoholic beverages. They were very friendly and welcoming. I was now ready to take on San Diego.

While in San Diego, I eat a lot of amazing food, drank a lot of alcohol and took in as much nature as humanly possible. I visited Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve and the La Jolla Shores. These beaches are stunning. My favorite restaurant was Sevilla. Their ceviche’s were top notch and their black seafood paella was the best meal I had all week. They also had great live music and dancing. Spanish people know how to have fun. Pacific Beach was also a sight to see. I spend some time there people watching and bar hopping. I also spent a lot of my time in North Park. My favorite bar in North Park was Bluefoot Bar. I also had an amazing steak at The Smoking Goat. I also got to reconnect with an old friend who use to live with me back home. Seeing him was the highlight of my trip.

Looking back on the trip I have no regrets. Southern California is an amazing place and if you are considering visiting the area I wouldn’t hesitate. I hope you all enjoy the photos and videos that I put together of the trip. If you want to talk about traveling feel free to connect with me.

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