Tom Ferry Coaching Blue Print Baltimore – Sept 2018 Take away

Updated: Apr 8

I always try to make it to my local Tom Ferry events. Being based out of York County PA, near the Maryland line, makes it easy for me to attend the Tom Ferry Baltimore events. I have been involved with Tom Ferry Team + coaching for about two years and I have always enjoyed listening to Tom speak.  This recent Baltimore event was one of the better events I have attended from Tom in the last two years. Tom is a cool, down to earth guy. He is hip and really knows how to talk and connect with people. He is a naturally gifted people person. Tom talked about his “becoming un-dis-ruptable” concepts which included a few major points that I have summarized. This part of his event really stood out to me so I hope you enjoy me sharing…

Taking mental ownership of your business is the first strategy Tom mentioned to become un-dis-ruptable. Essentially, he wants his agents to get their mind set right and really see their business like it’s their own child.

Stock pile cash was another point Tom made. Tom wants his agents to be financially successful. (I can appreciate that) He encouraged his agents to not over spend and to live below their means. It’s nice to hear an influencer speak on not living materialistic life styles. He recommends having one year of cash in the bank as reserves. He said we should consolidate all our past debt and to maximize every contact we meet. He also spoke about finding your investors(banks) today, since the market is going to swing. He says money is easy to get today.

“Business is Math” is another point Tom drove home. Tom is all about tracking everything…..mathematically..... and I mean everything. He said we should track calls, texts, emails, connections, lead sources, conversion rates, offers written, offers accepted, listing appointments, closings by source, contracts signed by source….. everything by source…. I could go on and on, etc etc.

Tom talked about running what he calls a “tech enabled” service business. He recommends all agents have at least a CRM, transaction management software and project management software.

One of my favorite points from Tom is his views on marketing. He says we should have a marketing Parthenon. He uses the Parthenon as an analogy. Basically, we should have at least 10 different sources of lead generation. (and not all internet)

Tom spoke a lot about becoming the agent of authority and trust in your community. He said education is everything now. Share your opinions, people will agree and disagree. He spoke on bringing as much value to your customers as possible.

Conversion focus was the seventh point Tom brought up. Knowing how to measure everything is the key to conversation. This kind of goes back to “Business is Math” If you track everything accurately you should be able to eventually know how many calls, connections and appointments you will need until you achieve a sale.

The final point Tom mentioned was scaling through a team. He spoke on the importance of team structure and building your organization, so it can grow to any level.

So that’s its… at least according to my notes. (I am not the best note taker) Over all, the event was fun and informative. I was able to connect with a lot of great agents during the evening cocktail networking event. At the event Tom came into the room and made a few announcements. One thing he said really stood out to me …. it was “remember, you were all my clients first” He than proceeded to yell out his personal email and said we can email him at any time. I can respect that. I will always have a place for Tom Ferry events in my schedule.

-Phil Accardo

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