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I started yorkhomefinder.com 7 years ago because there was no decent way to search homes online in York County. (call me for the details👍)

The big players as we know them today, (Zillow, Trulia, Realtor) their websites were not intuitive and their data feeds were not accurate. It was a bad online customer experience.

This is a little brag point......😜

Happy to say after 7 years, yorkhomefinder.com is now one of the top ranking websites on google search if you use the common key phrases…

“York county real estate” And “York PA real estate” 💪

The website will display organically at bottom of the first page, or top of the second page of google when the keywords above are entered. (It depends on how many people are running paid ads at the time online.)

I am kind of proud of this. Ranking high organically was one of the goals of the website when I originally started it. It’s not easy to rank high with a common key phrase, especially when you must compete with big box brokers and million-dollar tech companies in your local google market as an individual.👍

Thank you google for finally noticing me after all this time. ❤️❤️

Phil 😃💪

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